We are very excited to present Advanced X Research, our new family of high-quality open-access interdisciplinary journals

The Advanced Materials journal family is recognized around the world as the leading forum for cutting-edge materials-science research. It started 30 years ago, with the launch of Advanced Materials. The family has been continually expanding to cope with the increase in top-notch scientific work being done in different areas of research world-wide.

A few years back, following feedback from our readership and their funding agencies, we launched Advanced Science, the first fully open access interdisciplinary journal in our group. The development of Advanced Science has been tremendous, growing from a small new title with 100 published papers in 2015 to a broad-scope premium title with more than 5000 submissions every year and an IF of >15 today. This development reflects the importance open-access publication has gained in the last few years, and confirms the need for more open-access options in our portfolio. With this in mind, we have decided to launch the Advanced X Research family of journals: a family of high-quality, fully open-access titles focused on specific research areas that have shown considerable growth in the recent past. The Advanced X Research journals will publish both Research Articles and Reviews.

Three new titles will be launched in 2020:

For more information on the topics covered, the Editorial Board Members, and the contact details of each specific journal, please click on the logo for each journal.