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Aims and Scope

Advanced NanoBiomed Research will provide a home for cutting-edge nanomedicine and bioengineering & biomaterials research aimed at improving human health. The Open Access journal will capture a broad spectrum of excellent research from increasingly multi- and interdisciplinary fields of the traditional areas of biomedicine, bioengineering and health-related materials science (biomaterials) and engineering, to newer fields like precision and personalized medicine, nanomedicine, and artificial intelligence-driven health science.

· Nanomedicine and nanotechnology, with applications in drug and gene delivery, diagnostics and theranostics, photothermal and photodynamic therapy and multimodal imaging.

· Biomaterials, including hydrogels and 2D materials, biopolymers, composites, biodegradable materials, biohybrids and biomimetics (such as artificial cells, exosomes and extracellular vesicles), as well as all organic and inorganic materials for biomedical applications.

· Biointerfaces, such as anti-microbial surfaces and coatings, as well as interfaces for cell and stem cell engineering and differentiation, immunoengineering and 3D cell culture.

· Biofabrication including (bio)inks and technologies, toward generation of functional tissues and organs.

· Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, including scaffolds and scaffold-free approaches. For example, for bone, ligament, and muscle tissue engineering; skin regeneration and wound healing; nerve grafts; cardiac patches; and tissue vascularization.

· Application of these fields, from bench to bedside, for treatment of all diseases and disorders, e.g. infectious, autoimmune, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, neurological disorders and cancer; including pharmacology and toxicology studies.

· Devices for healthcare applications, disease modelling and treatment, such as diagnostics, lab-on-a-chip, organs-on-a-chip, bioMEMS, bioelectronics, wearables, actuators and soft robotics, e.g. for intelligent drug delivery systems.


Materials scientists, chemists, physicists, bioengineers, biotechnologists, interdisciplinary life scientists, medical researchers and clinicians, from academia and industry.

The Editorial Team of Advanced NanoBiomed Research

Dr. Christine Mayer

Dr. Uta Goebel

Dr. Ekaterina Perets

Dr. Irem Bayindir-Buchhalter

Dr. Muxian Shen

Dr. Anne Pfisterer

To ensure that Advanced NanoBiomed Research attracts high-quality content, we are proud to count on our highly distinguished Executive Editorial Board and Editorial Advisory Board, who will continuously advise on scientific content and development of the journal.

The journal will publish Research Articles and Reviews. For more information regarding the journal, the article types, and author guidelines, or for topic suggestions, please contact the Advanced NanoBiomed Research Editorial Office at