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Advanced Materials Technologies is the new home for all technology-related materials applications research, with particular focus on advanced engineering and device design, and new technologies based on novel materials. Our readership will include materials scientists, engineers, physicists, chemists, biologists, medical researchers, environmental scientists, and food technologists working in academia as well as in industry.

Advanced Materials Technologies comes to you from the team of professional editors that is responsible for Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, and Small. Authors can expect the same top-quality peer review and manuscript handling that they have come to know from our other titles. The editorial team is supported by an international advisory board composed of active researchers and co-chaired by Prof. Andrew deMello (ETH Zürich), Prof. John Rogers (UIUC), and Prof. Z. L. Wang (Georgia Tech).

We are now accepting submissions and our first issue is scheduled for publication in spring 2016.

Advanced Materials Technologies is an international peer-reviewed journal that focuses on advanced engineering and device design aspects of materials systems for application in energy, healthcare, electronics, optics, microfluidics, food safety, sensors/biosensors, and environmental technology.

Categories of contribution for the journal are Communications, Full Papers, Review Articles, Progress Reports, Research News, Essays, and Correspondences.

Articles can be submitted for consideration using our online submission system:

Sample cover image kindly provided by P. Müller-Buschbaum and co-workers.

Information for contributors can be found below:

Guide for Authors

Template for communications

Template for other manuscript types


For more information, please visit the Wiley Online Library, or contact the editorial office: [email protected]


actuators diagnostics in vitro/vivo regenerative medicine
adsorption drug delivery information storage removal
antibacterials electronic packaging lasers resonators
batteries electronics light-emitting diodes robotics
biofuels energy mechanical properties sensors
bioimaging energy generation membranes solar cells
biosensors energy harvesting MEMS/NEMS solar energy
biotechnology energy storage microfluidics stem cells
cancer energy transmission microtechnology surfaces
capacitors fabrication motors systems
cardiovascular disease films muscles therapeutics
catalysts food nanofluidics tissue engineering
cells food safety nanomaterials transistors
data storage fuel cells nanotechnology viruses
desalination gene delivery optics waste water
design growth/fabrication optoelectronics water purification
detectors healthcare oxidation water splitting
device engineering imaging packaging waveguides
devices implants photonics
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