Advanced Energy Materials Call for Papers

Advanced Energy Materials: Call For Papers!

Coming as a new journal in 2011!


Scope of Advanced Energy Materials


Advanced Energy Materials is an international, interdisciplinary, English-language forum of original peer-reviewed contributions on materials used in all forms of energy harvesting, conversion and storage. Currently a special focus section integrated in Advanced Materials, it starts as a journal in its own right in 2011 with an initial six issues per year in print with prior online publication on EarlyView.

Advanced Energy Materials covers all topics in energy-related research:

• organic and inorganic photovoltaics

• batteries and supercapacitors

• fuel cells

• hydrogen generation and storage

• thermoelectrics

Advanced Energy Materials publishes invited Reviews and Progress Reports, high-impact Full Papers, and rapid Communications with the same article specifications as Advanced Materials and Advanced Functional Materials.

Advanced Energy Materials is committed to swift processing and publication of contributions: Using the new Advanced Materials online page proofing system, the editor and the publisher aim to publish papers online within ten weeks of submission.

Readership of Advanced Energy Materials are materials scientists, chemists, physicists and engineers in academia as well as industry.

Advanced Energy Materials is handled by the experienced Advanced Materials and Advanced Functional Materials editorial team at Wiley-VCH.

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See the following links for Advanced Energy Materials issues published in 2010 as special section in Advanced Materials:

Advanced Energy Materials Issue 1 (23/02/2010)

Advanced Energy Materials Issue 2 (25/05/2010)

Advanced Energy Materials Issue 3 (15/09/2010)

Editorial Advisory Board

Christopher Brabec (chair)

Manfred Waidhas (chair)

Jaephil Cho

Alan J. Heeger

Wenping Hu

Réne A. J. Janssen

Hagen Klauk

Karl Leo

Max Lu

Peter H.L. Notten

John A. Rogers

Henning Sirringhaus

Martin Winter

Dongyuan Zhao


Email the Advanced Energy Materials editorial office:

Section Editor:        Martin Ottmar

Managing Editor:          Lisa Wylie

Administration:   Ursula Damm

Production:           Christine Herth

Marketing:           Sonja Hoffmann

Advertising:            Marion Schulz