2016 Impact Factors

2016 Journal Impact Factors Materials Science

The 2016 Journal Impact Factors have been released. Read on for the highlights in materials science or click here for selected results.

Advanced Materials remains a front runner in the field of materials science, with another increase and a new record high Impact Factor of 19.79. Advanced Energy Materials, which publishes cutting-edge research on batteries, solar cells, capacitors, and other materials for energy applications, received an Impact factor of 16.72, asserting its role as high-quality, high-impact source for the best energy-related research.

The Open Access journal Advanced Science continues to be very successful, with an increase of 50.6% that results in a new Impact Factor of 9.03. Editorial advisory board member Thomas Anthopoulos says, “This is a tremendous achievement and reflects the quality of the work published in Advanced Science. Well done!”

Advanced Materials Interfaces obtained its first full Impact Factor of 4.27 this year, while Advanced Optical Materials received an increased Impact Factor of 6.87 (increases of 27.2% and 28.3% respectively). Prof. Stefan Maier (Imperial College, London), Editorial Advisory Board member Advanced Optical Materials: “It is this interdisciplinary flavor that makes, in my personal view, Advanced Optical Materials such an attractive journal for cutting edge photonic science.”

Advanced Electronic Materials launched in 2015, with the ambitious aim to cover the physics and physical properties of electronic and magnetic materials with applications to device physics and engineering. Its first half Impact Factor is 4.19 and it will receive its first full Impact Factor in 2018.

Steel Research International received its highest Impact Factor of all time (1.23) and continues to be ranked among the top journals in the field of metallurgy and metallurgical engineering.

Advanced Engineering Materials has achieved an all-time high Impact Factor of 2.31, with an increase of 27.6%.


2016 Journal Impact Factors for selected materials science journals

Impact Factor
Advanced Materials
Advanced Functional Materials
Advanced Energy Materials
Advanced Electronic Materials
Advanced Engineering Materials
Advanced Healthcare Materials
Advanced Materials Interfaces
Advanced Optical Materials
Advanced Science
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering
Steel Research International
Advanced Materials Technologies
New journal
Advanced Sustainable Systems
New journal
Small Methods
New journal
Solar RRL
New journal

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