2018 Journal Impact Factor Materials Science

by | Jun 21, 2019

The 2019 Journal Citation Reports have been released, and the 2018 impact factors (IF) for selected materials science journals are now available.

The 2019 Journal Citation Reports have been released, and the 2018 impact factors (IF) for selected materials science journals are available here.

With an IF of 25.809 (+18%), Wiley’s flagship journal in materials science, Advanced Materials, continues to grow for the 12th year in a row and remains the community’s first choice for high-impact publications in materials science. Advanced Energy Materials confirms its position as a top forum for high-quality energy research with an IF of 24.884 (+14%). Advanced Functional Materials arrives at an IF of 15.621 (+17%), another record high for the journal, which confirms its position as one of the top choices in materials science, nanotechnology, and related areas. 

Advanced Science is expanding its position as a premium open access journal with an IF of 15.804 (+27%). On the occasion of the journal’s 5th anniversary, a celebratory series has been published. Smalls IF hit 10.856, a testament to the importance of nano, meso, and micro research.

Advanced Optical Materials has received an IF of 7.125, publishing breakthrough discoveries in the field of photonics. Advanced Materials Technologies received its first full IF of 5.395 (+17%), cementing its position as the journal of choice for applied technology materials research.  Advanced Materials Interfaces maintains its position as an important journal in surface and interface science with an IF of 4.713. With an IF of 3.163, Energy Technology is continuing to grow very quickly within applied energy research.

JournalImpact Factor
Advanced Materials25.809
Advanced Energy Materials24.884
Advanced Science15.804
Advanced Functional Materials15.621
Laser & Photonics Reviews9.056
Advanced Optical Materials7.125
Advanced Electronic Materials6.312
Advanced Healthcare Materials6.270
Advanced Materials Technologies5.395
Advanced Materials Interfaces4.713
WIREs Energy and Environment3.297
Energy Technology3.163
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering3.038
Advanced Engineering Materials2.906
Steel Research International1.522

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