2011 Impact Factors in Materials Physics Live Now

by | Jun 28, 2012

All the information on the 2011 impact factors for materials physics journals, including Advanced Materials and physics status solidi.

Thomson ISI have released the 2011 impact factors. Here are some highlights from materials physics.

pss rrl cover impact factorsThe Impact Factors of the physica status solidi journal family, one of the largest international platforms in solid state physics publishing, are 1.463 for pss (a) – applications and materials science and 1.316 for pss (b) – basic solid state physics. With a new Impact Factor of 2.218, pss (Rapid Research Letters) continues to be the highest impact letter journal dedicated to solid state physics – the publication now includes the newly introduced Reviews@RRL, the special solar cell section, and further Focus issues to come. In all, more than 20,000 citations to pss articles appeared in the literature throughout 2011.

The Impact Factor for Laser & Photonics Reviews, its fourth since its foundation in 2007, is 7.388. Laser & Photonics Reviews is listed by ISI in two different topic categories.

The Impact Factor for Journal of Biophotonics again increased, to 4.343. This increase suggests it is finding acceptance among the vastly growing Biophotonics community.

The Journal of Computational Chemistry has seen the increase of its impact factor from 4.05 to 4.583. It retains its position as a top journal in theoretical chemistry. In conjunction with a faster time to publication and coming redesign, the journal is poised to deliver the very best in organic, inorganic, physical, biological, and materials computational chemistry in the coming year.

Elsewhere, Annalen der Physik, one of the world’s most renowned physics journals, previously having hosted luminaries such as Einstein and Planck, has now been tuned towards today’s most exciting physics findings. In January this year the journal reappeared with fresh content, a new team, and a new look. It continues to cover all fields of physics starting from the fundamental aspects of nature to the forefront of applied physics, but focuses strongly on the most interesting and relevant findings. The first full impact factor of the renewed journal will be available in 2015.

Materials Physics Impact Factors

Top 3

  • Nature Photonics: 29.278
  • Nature Physics: 18.967
  • Laser & Photonics Reviews: 7.388